Russian Odyzzee

Cathedrals in Russia

Famous ones in Moscow

– St Basil’s cathedral

– The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

-Cathedral of Archangel Michael

Famous ones in St Petersburg

– Church of the Savior on Blood

– The Peter and Paul Cathedral

– Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

When you visit Moscow it’s advisable to stay within the red square area because most of the the tourist/cultural/historical attractions are that area.

Most cathedrals don’t open on Wednesdays so when planning your itinerary bear this in mind.

The most beautiful subway/metro stations in the world. When you enter a subway station it’s like a step back in time, ancient trains that date back to the 1930s. Imagine walking into a fancy art gallery, museum or castle to catch a subway

Spent half a day getting on/off at random subway stations to take pictures.

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