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Utsukushī Nihon

Because of the rugby frenzy, I have decided to do a short thread on beautiful Japan. Go bokke!!!

Average price for return tickets from Joburg is R15000 Though the Japanese yen is weaker than the rand, Japan is an expensive country. If you have time and money , visit the whole country. Their train system is well developed and you can easily get to another part of the country in three hours or less.If you don’t have time I’d recommend Kyoto (my favorite), Osaka and Tokyo. Other places worth visiting:

– Nara – Nikko – Hiroshima – Hakone – Mount Fuji

– Visit one of the islands (loved Ishigaki )

If you are/were into Anime like Dragon Ballz, this is the perfect place to re-live your childhood. Watch Sumo wrestlers (not my thing) Visit hot springs, and of course you can eat Sushi, ramen noodles and all other Japanese food in Japan

South Africans need to apply for a tourist visa to be able to visit Japan. It’s one of those boring lengthy ones. You have to submit various documents like proof of employment, bank statement, flight booking, hotel booking